Self-Adjusting Flexible Slat System.

A responsive support foundation for your mattress that consists of a dual-sided series of bowed wooden slats (if you share the bed, each person has their own set of slats). These slats flex and rotate under pressure, responding to the weight and shape of your body.

The flexible slats feature adjustable zones at the torso and upper leg with variable tension settings for individualized support. The slats are able to give where we are heavier and broader—at the shoulders and hips—and lift where our bodies taper—at the waist, low back, and knees. The result is a more dynamic, responsive foundation.

As your mattress rests on the flexible slat system, it also benefits from the increased air circulation permitted by the open-slat structure. This helps keep your mattress stay drier - a dry mattress lasts longer, stays free of mold/mildew and maintains more stable sleeping temperatures.


Slat System Characteristics:

  • Dual-sided structure: Each sleeper can customize settings for individual support needs
  • Adjustable tension: Support can be modified as physical needs change over time
  • Slat suspension: Relieves pressure, isolates motion, circulates air for drier mattress
  • Promotes a healthier sleep environment
  • Available in 8.5", 6.5", 4" and 2 3/8" profiles
  • Fits in any bed frame
  • The responsiveness of the system also reduces motion transfer
  • Not available in Full Size

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